Infoweek: "We're trolling for links, so what?"

This is pretty horrible. After an InfoWeek blogger wrote a post containing obvious falsehoods about the iPhone SDK, a reader wrote in and complained. InfoWeek actually wrote back, basically saying that they had no issue with the blog post. In fact, as per their own words, writing «content that gets people riled up is the beauty of blogging.» What’s more, they «take more liberty in blogging than [they] do in a major feature.»

In other words, as long as people read the article, all’s good. Doesn’t matter whether they read it because they like it, or because they’re outraged since the article is just plain false.

You can read their whole reply on Fraser Speirs blog.

Needless to say, all InfoWeek blogs and sites are off my system. They obviously can’t be trusted.

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