Top Grossing Apps

With the most recent iTunes update, Apple has added a Top Grossing Apps list for iPhone applications. It’s interesting to compare this list to the Top Paid Apps list, which is ranked on sales numbers. Looking at the current top 35 apps1 on both lists, 18 of the 35 Top Grossing Apps don’t appear within the first 35 Top Paid Apps. In fact, there are a number of apps in the upper part of the Top Grossing Apps list that don’t appear in the Top Paid Apps list at all.

In other words, despite of the fact that there seems to be a race to the bottom of the pricing range, having a higher price will often push you above cheaper apps when it comes to a your net income. I think this is good news, and I hope it helps encourage more healthy prices for iPhone apps.

  1. The number is arbitrary; I picked the top 35 apps because the top 35 apps fit on my screen. ↩︎

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