R. Clayton Miller’s 10/GUI is probably one of the most dramatic reimaginations of the desktop user interface I’ve seen in a long time. This concept proposes a multitouch interaction system that does not require a multitouch screen (and thus does not have to deal with all the problems such a screen causes), but instead uses a multitouch area near the keyboard. The proposed graphical user interface makes full use of this multitouch area. Watch the video, it’s definitely worth your time (of course, some people disagree ☺).

Chris Clark over at Release Candidate One has some thoughts on 10/GUI, too.

Note: It seems some people are under the impression that 10/GUI is my project. This is not the case. The concept’s designer is R. Clayton Miller, and as linked above, you can find out more at 10/GUI. I have nothing to do with 10/GUI, other than the fact that I linked to it.

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