Removing Pixelmator Features

Saulius Dailide on Pixelmator features that were fully implemented, but removed before shipping:

For various reasons, we remove numerous features from our products one or two weeks before they are released to the public. For example, some Mac GPUs do not have some specific features that a feature uses, perhaps the code or UI was complete nonsense or the user interface looks or feels terrible or appears cluttered. In addition, there might be usability issues. We have created hundreds of bad features that are discarded.

The article lists a number of features that were removed before shipping, and explains why they did not make it. Some of the reasons I particularly like are «was too slow», «looked wrong», «looked cheap», «added too much clutter» and «was not useful».

Removing features so late in the game is tough because you’ve already invested so much time in them. Kudos to the Pixelmator team for being able to do it repeatedly.

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