Apple vs. Samsung

Nilay Patel:

In the long term, we’re sure to see lots of UI behaviors change across Android — most companies have already moved away from the bounceback scrolling behavior protected by the Apple patent in this case, and we’re sure to see tap-to-zoom and multitouch scrolling behavior affected on new devices as well.

Matt Drance, a few days ago:

In closing arguments, Apple attorney Harold McElhinny told the jury:

«If you find for Apple in this case, you will have re-affirmed the American patent system.»


I must admit I’m uncomfortable with the idea that the world’s largest corporation, whatever its name, could be given such a big stick as early as this week. However the verdict falls, I feel like there are no winners here in the long term — certainly not us.

Yep. This could turn out to be really, really bad for everybody. Creating new hardware and software is already a minefield so filled with mines, you can only cross it by stepping on them and hoping they’re not going to blow.1 This just made it even worse.

  1. I think I just made a completely inappropriate analogy even more inappropriate. back

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