"Designed for Use" in Chinese

My book, Designed for Use, has been translated to Chinese.

People seem to like it:

书很实用 着重方法讲解

The Chinese translation is available from Amazon.cn.

If you don’t yet own a copy, the English version is available directly from The Pragmatic Programmers on paper or as an ebook, and Amazon.com sells the paper version.

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If you liked this, you'll love my book. It's called Designed for Use: Create Usable Interfaces for Applications and the Web. In it, I cover the whole design process, from user research and sketching to usability tests and A/B testing. But I don't just explain techniques, I also talk about concepts like discoverability, when and how to use animations, what we can learn from video games, and much more.

You can find out more about it (and order it directly, printed or as a DRM-free ebook) on the Pragmatic Programmers website. It's been translated to Chinese and Japanese.