Shameless Self-Promotion

Two pieces of shameless self-promotion:

iPhone Mockup

After two years of determined procrastination, I've finally started to do some vaguely serious work on iPhone apps. One of the things I've quickly run into is the fact that collaborating on iPhone apps is kind of hard if you're mostly living in a remote part of the Swiss alps while the people you work with live in Zürich or Lucerne or altogether outside of Switzerland. Skype helps, especially since you can send mockups to each other. But there should be a better way. How about being able to work on the same mockup; each change would immediately synchronize to your collaborator.

Check out It's a very simple website which allows you to create your own mockups, share them with other people, and make changes which will by synced to everyone with the mockup's URL.

iPhone Mockup

As of now, it's a very simple system. There's no password protection, so everyone with the mockup's URL can access and change it. Check it out and tell me if it helps you, or if you have ideas on how to improve it.

Goo Gun

Right after I originally received the iPhone SDK, I started work on a few simple games. After I got accepted as an iPhone developer, I found out that the games didn't really run acceptably on an actual iPhone. I ported some of them to OpenGL and got them into a state where I could use them on my own phone, for my own amusement. Eventually, I sent some of them to iPhone-beta-testing friends, and after positive feedback, decided to finish one of them. Turns out that actually polishing a game well enough for public consumption is a lot of work, but I finally got my first game into the iTunes app store.

iPhone Mockup

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