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Designing with Data
Don't Ask, Observe
Firefox User Experience Design Blog
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Measuring Design (or: You're not Google)
Opinions vs. Data
Ruining Usability Tests
Some Users Want Terrible User Interfaces
Steve Krug's Usability Essentials
There Are No Stupid Users, Only Stupid User Interface Designers
Usability Testing: It's not a Myth
User Testing for Games
You really, really need to do Usability Tests

UI Rules

Below The Fold
Comments: Size Does Matter
Data Design
Disabling Inactive Menu Items
Does Your Application Create Value?
Don't Block User Interaction
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Input Masks: Violating User Expectations
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The Growing User and the Perennial Beginner
The Little Manual of API Design
Touchscreen Games: Use Analog Stick Instead of D-Pad
Touchscreen Usability
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Interesting User Interfaces

Al Gore's Our Choice
BumpTop for Mac
Clever Dock Improvement
Different Android Keyboards
Firefox for Maemo Beta 5
Gas Powered Games' Crazy Zoomable Mod Tool
Gnome 3
Google Chrome OS UI Concept Video
Investment Creates Pride
Invisible Scrollbars
Locus OS
Microsoft Research's Multitouch Mice
Miha Feuš's Concept Camera Interface
More Scrollbars
More Temporal User Interfaces: Lifestreams
New Design Patterns for the Web: The Infinite Page
OPEN LOOK Scrollbars Renaissance
Optimus Tactus keyboard
Password Masking
Picasa's Scrollbars
Pressure Sensitive Keyboard
Radial Menus on Handheld Devices
Retype C
Safari Reader
Saving Documents by Proxy
Scrolling through Images
Spatial Searching in Curio and Safari
Street Slide
Synergy of Pen and Touch
TeuxDeux: A Temporal To-Do App
The Command Line Is the GUI's Future
Unread Links
Virtual Keyboards: Aligning the Keyboard to your Hands
Zune HD: Effective Use of Animations

UI Reviews

Android's Audio Annoyances
Context Menus and Sub-Menus
Creating New Documents
dotfiles vs. the invisible bit
Ephemeral Undo
Even More on Installing Applications
Google Wave's Scrollbars
Installing Applications on the Mac is Broken
Installing Applications on the Mac: Still Broken
iOS 5
iPad Springboard Breaks Spatiality
iPhone mini
iPhone OS 4.0
iPhone Settings: Square War
iPhoto's Mystery Meat Gestures
iTunes 11
Keyboard Commands and Internationalization
Keyboard Text Selection
Kindle International
Kindle: Buying Books by Accident
Managing Phone Photos
MDIs on the Mac
Mobile Devices: Changing Screen Orientation While Walking
Modes, Quasimodes and the iPhone
More on Installing Applications
Nielsen on Windows 8
Obligatory Snow Leopard Post: Bugs, Features, and Those Things Which Are Both
On Tabs and Docking and Title Bars
Please Steal These webOS Features
Start Me Up
Stripes: A Conceptual Operating System User Interface
Surface Pro 3
Teaching Gestures
The Back Button Dilemma
The iPhone's Home Button
The Pitfalls of Switching
The Strange Case of the TouchPad's Home Button
Time Machine
Usability on Mobile Is Getting Worse
Virtual Keyboards on iPhone and Android
Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface
Windows Phone 7
Yosemite's Visual Design

This and That

Auto-Correcting German and Swiss German
Chabudai Gaeshi
Chris Clark
Click-Through in Snow Leopard's Finder
Columns on iPad-Sized Screens
Crappy Computers
Designed for Use FAQ
Designed for Use, Second Edition
Designers are not Programmers
Don Norman on Emotions and Complexity
Finally, Turn Off That Surface Home Button
Fixing the Kindle Leather Cover
Inventing the Lisa User Interface
I've Written a Book
Jamy Ian Swiss Talks About Empathy
Jon Bell
Lateral Thinking with Withered Technology
Learning from Games
Learning iOS Design
MacBook Pro 17" has Optional Anti-Glare Display
Magic Mouse
Max Steenbergen
Nintendo, One Year Later
PenTile OLED Screens
Reinstating Creator Codes in Snow Leopard
Reinstating Creator Codes in Snow Leopard, Part 2
The Desktop Metaphor
The New iPad's Screen Under the Microscope
The Science of Aesthetics
Towards Semantic File System Interfaces
Unsolicited Redesigns
Usability and Security
User Interaction 101
Virtual Keyboards, Real Keyboards
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Weekend Links
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