Weekend Links

iA's Tages Anzeiger Redesign

Popular Swiss newspaper "Tages Anzeiger" has recently been redesigned, and I don't like it (get off my lawn, etc.). However, something good has come out of it: iA was among the companies which pitched a redesign, and they have written a most excellent blog post about their pitch.

Old Tagi and iA's Tagi

I especially like their fixed version of the newspaper's logo.

BumpTop Multitouch Gestures

BumpTop, the desktop enhancement for Windows, has received a bunch of interesting multitouch gestures.

BumpTop Multitouch Gestures

I'm not sure whether BumpTop is actually a good idea, but it's definitely an interesting idea, and these new gestures make it all the more interesting.

Springboard Exposé

I really like Ocean Observations' suggestion for a way of zooming out the iPhone's application list (via Release Candidate One).

This retains and reinforces the iPhone's spatial arrangement of applications, while at the same time allowing for quick access to each application screen.


And finally, UsabilityPost has a neat essay on minimalist design.

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designed for use cover

But wait, there's more!

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