Fixing the Kindle Leather Cover

Like a lot of people who picked up a Kindle, I also bought Amazon's Kindle Leather Cover. It works quite well, but it has one obvious flaw: the Kindle is attached to it by two hinges along its left side. Every time I accidentally open the cover from the wrong side, I feel like I'm yanking the Kindle right out of its hinges.

Opening the Kindle Cover from the wrong side causes it to flap around like a fish out of water

Fortunately, there is a simple solution. The leather part of the cover isn't actually stitched to the soft cloth part. Using a carpet cutter, it's easy to pry the two apart.

Prying open an edge of the Cover

Next, I glued in a small piece of elastic band into the cover's top-right corner.

Thanks the the new elastic band, the Kindle is now firmly attached to the Cover

Problem solved. The Kindle is now firmly held in place.

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