Persona, a New Email Client

Persona is an interesting new concept for an email client. Ali Seçkin Karayol, Marco Triverio, and Harsha Vardhan at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design are designing and developing it.1 Persona offers some interesting ideas not commonly found in other mail clients.

I'm not sure how well the conversation/people/attachments modes work in real life, since emails that don't fit into any of these categories2 make up the majority of the stuff in my inbox. But it's hard to tell how well it'll work without actually having used it, and I don't know how the email I get compares to what other people receive.

It's certainly good to see fresh approaches to handling email.

  1. Their other videos are also worth checking out. ↩︎

  2. Receipts for things I ordered online, notifications from Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, emails from lists I've subscribed to, and so on. ↩︎

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