is a simple tool that allows you to specify a list of authors, and generates an RSS feed with each author's most recently released book.1 I made this because I don't want a recommendation algorithm to tell me what to read, I just want to know when my favorite authors release new books.

Go to, and then:

  1. Click on "Make my Feed"
  2. Enter a list of author names (I use Google Books' APIs, so if you're unsure how to spell an author's name, verify the spelling on edit feed ui

That's it. Simply add the feed to your RSS reader, and you'll get a new entry in your feed when an author in your list releases a new book. To add a new author, or remove an author, just go to the link defined in the feed. In feedly, for example, click on the feed's title. feed in feedly

I'll do my best to keep this running, but I don't have any control over Google Books, so don't yell at me when this goes down, or misses a book. Thank you.

  1. Just to avoid any confusion, it doesn't contain the actual content of the book, it links to the Google Books page for the book. ↩︎

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